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  • How is Kaoru's Animal/Interspecies Communication reading different than a "Regular" Animal Communication reading?

    • Kaoru specializes in communicating with your beloved animal where you will learn what Soul lesson your animal is teaching you more than focusing on the "3D" or "physical" level topics such as "what is my favorite food?", "what color is my collar?", "what is your favorite activity?", etc... Having said that, during the reading, you may ask about anything regarding your animal, including "3D" level questions. ☺️

  • Do I have to be with my animal for Kaoru to do the reading?

    • No, your animal does not have to be with you! In fact, ​Kaoru can do a reading of your beloved animal who is already in spirit (who has crossed over)!

  • My animal has medical/health issues, will Kaoru be able to tell me about my animal's issues?                                                                                                                                    

    • Kaoru is not a medical intuitive and will not be able to diagnose any medical conditions regarding your animal. You will need to consult with a licensed veterinarian, preferably with a Holistic veterinarian or a combination of a conventional/allopathic veterinarian with the support of a Holistic veterinarian for the best care for your beloved animal. 

  • What can I do to get the best reading?

    • ​The less you tell Kaoru about yourself & your animal before and during the reading, the better it will be for you because she will intuitively know the information is coming directly from the animal and not be influenced by what you tell her. 

  • How are the Animal/Interspecies Communication readings conducted?

    • Animal Communication readings are via telephone for U.S. residents* and Zoom audio for international clients. (*If she is traveling abroad, she will connect with U.S. residents via Zoom audio.) Kaoru does not need photos of the human or animal and prefers less details in order to do the readings. For best results, please find a quiet, comfortable space at home where you will not be disturbed. Also, it would be ideal not have other beings (human or animal, other than those who are being read) present during the reading since Kaoru will be connecting energetically. By having more than the beings who are being read in the same room, may result in possible energetic "interference". ​ If for whatever reason, you can not or do not want (are you shy? that's perfectly fine! 😊) to have a phone/zoom audio reading, Kaoru can do an email reading for you. In which case, please inquire via email to to request an email reading. Additional fee for email readings, as typing out the results takes additional time after the reading.

  • Can I ask what lesson the animal is teaching for another person?

    • It is best for that person to get a reading with Kaoru, rather than you asking for another person.​

  • What kind of animals can I get a reading for?

    • Any animals! Animals who are or were your companion animals, wild animals, a neighbor's animal that you feel you have a connection with or you feel the animal is wanting to tell you something...​

  • What if the person getting a reading is skeptical?

    • A little bit of skepticism ​is welcome, as long as the person is "open" to new experiences. However, if the person is skeptical and needs tangible proof of things being communicated to her/him, then it will most likely lead to a disappointing experience for all involved. In this case, it is best not to book a reading with Kaoru. 

  • My beloved animal crossed over and I miss her/him very much. Can Kaoru communicate with my animal even though s/he is not alive anymore?

    • Absolutely! Kaoru can connect with your beloved animals who are in spirit, as well! Clients have stated they felt a feeling of relief & ease after Kaoru connected with their animals in spirit. Kaoru creates a sacred space for you to feel safe and comfortable at all times during the readings.

  • My animal went missing, can Kaoru find lost animals?

    • Kaoru does not do lost/missing animals readings. An important thing to know about lost/missing animals... The earlier ​an animal communicator gets involved, the better the chances of locating the animal. Also, please note that some animals who do "disappear", do so "on purpose" and because of the Law of Free Will, choose to leave and may not want to come back.

  • How are the Energy Healing sessions conducted?

    • The Energy Healing sessions are conducted remotely (not in person)​ and Kaoru will email you the findings with the imbalances & issues that come up. She does not need photos of the human or animal in order to do the sessions. For the best results, please find a quiet, comfortable space at home where you and/or your animal will not be disturbed by anyone or anything.

  • What can I do to prepare for the reading or session? 

    • For best results, please be in a quiet room without any distractions (no tv, radio, computer, telephone, etc..) and be well-hydrated. Have water for yourself and your animal available, especially, during the energy healing session. Your animal need not be present, but if s/he is, please do not restrain her/him in any way; allow your animal to come or go as s/he pleases within their normal,safe, comfortable enclosure/environment.​

    • For the Animal Communication reading, it is suggested that you take notes during the session, as Kaoru will most likely not remember what she communicates to you, as the information that comes through, comes through via her senses energetically at that time. 

    • For the Energy Healing session, she will send you an email within 48-hours the details of the session.

  • ​What is the cancellation/rescheduling policy?
    • If you cancel by 48-hours prior to the reading/session, you will receive a refund minus 20%.​ If you cancel less than 48-hours prior to the reading/session, the full amount will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.
    • If you want to reschedule, please contact Kaoru by 48-hours prior to the scheduled session to schedule another time within two months of the original session.
    • If you miss an appointment, no refund will be issued. It will be at the discretion of Kaoru whether she can fit you into another available time slot. However, there is no guarantee and no refund will be issued. Thank you for your understanding.✨🙏✨

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** Disclaimer:  Animal / Interspecies Communication, 

Animal Energy® Energy Healing and Reiki Do NOT Replace Proper Veterinary/Medical Care,

Behavioral Training for Animals, and a Healthy Balance Between Proper Nutrition and Exercise. **


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